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Climate Action As A Tool, Sustainable Living As The Goal


Global climate change regime provides financial and technical support for climate action or programs in developing and emerging countries. In response to existing policy in Indonesia, both in National and Regional scale, climate action has a potential role in transforming and strengthening sustainable urban and rural livelihood in Indonesia.


Since not everyone can feel the gravity of climate change issue, Climigato aims to emphasis the livelihood aspects of climate action apart from emission reduction target.


Climate action will be translated into a feasible approach to impact the livelihood of community and the business of corporate. Bottom-up approach such as community initiative or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) will be fostered, replicated, scaled-up and technically assisted. The main objective of Climigato is to bridge the existing policy, community / corporate initiative, social capital, sustainable market, national reporting mechanism and potential funding.



Climigato provides technical assistance such as:

  • Project Concept Development / Green project proposal
    Project components, outcomes, output, method and potential funding

  • Technical Assessment
    Scoping study, Feasibility Study, Roadmap / SWOT analysis, Project report and analysis, Market survey for environmental and climate issue also GHG emission calculation for energy sector

  • Strengthening social capital through stakeholders dialogue or event
    Community initiative spokesperson(s) and potential stakeholders : experts, financial institution, local government, local leader, related development partner and corporate

  • Market creation and expansion strategy
    Social campaign through visual communication project (YouTube), opinion column, online forum

  • Full package of project management services


If you have questions and inquiry, don't hesitate to contact us here: [email protected]