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Climate Change and Climate Refugee - Knowledge Sharing

Written by Trita Katriana & Saifudin Suaib on .


A Presentation at the UN Agency - International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Jakarta - Indonesia


Trita Katriana and Saifudin Suaib were determined to deliver a mind-changing presentation about climate change and its impact to human migration. They came up with an idea to put climate change issues into different perspective, in this case the impacts of climate change on forced migration. Climate change and Climate Refugee were then delivered at a brown bag session at International Organization for Migration (IOM) office, Jakarta on 14 February 2017, and was attended by 40 IOM Senior and Junior incumbents.

Despite the very special day that Saifudin Suaib (Cipu) had to go through that day - it was the same day that his wife was in labor - congrats for his handsome baby boy Khuram, our colleague Cipu had to deliver the presentation via skype, while Trita was physically present at IOM office. It was really a great honor to share our knowledge with IOM and to bring about climate change issue in a whole new perspective that Climigato never had a chance before. Thanks to IOM for giving us the opportunity. It was a great discussion.


Climate Finance Negotiation Training - Indonesia Ministry of Finance

Written by Indira Darmoyono, advised by Eka Melisa on .

Policy Center for Climate and Multilateral Finance, Ministry of Finance in cooperation with Low Carbon Support Programme, United Kingdom Climate Change Unit (UKCCU) conducted 3 series of climate finance training in Jakarta from June - August 2015. The training aimed to develop capacity of public officials in climate finance negotiation.

The focus of the training module covered areas such as political dynamic of climate finance, mechanism and tactic of negotiation and technical aspect of recent climate issue. The objective of the training was to prepare the the public officials for Conference of the Party (COP), annually hosted by United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

The target trainee is set for public official from Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Development and Planning, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Climigato served as a local organization in charge of developing the training modules and managing the grant scheme from Oxford Policy Management, London.

Global Partnership with ANESCo

Written by Altami Arasty on .

Vilm Island - Germany

Networking is a critical aspect in promoting climate issue and enabling knowledge transfer. ANESCo (Alumni Network for Ecology, Sustainability, and Conservation) serves as a great discussion and cooperation platform for worldwide professionals, researchers, and practitioners in the field of Ecology, Sustainability, and Conservation. In June 2015, the network managed to conduct the 2nd batch of fruitful collaborative seminar: 'The Way to Sustainability on the Isle of Ruegen: Gaps and Bridges'.

The seminar, hosted by University of Greifswald LENC program, and funded by DAAD, has invited German Universities Alumni around the globe to participate in interactive working group sessions, identify local barriers and produce pragmatic solutions in 5 main areas;

  • Energy, Climate Protection and Transportation,

  • Tourism Development,

  • Environmental education and wilderness experience,

  • Protected Area Management, and

  • Land Use and Landscape Development.


The objective of this seminar was not only to conduct series of insightful dialogue but also to offer unique perspective from developing countries, a sustainable recommendation package for Local Government and Residents of Rugen, Germany. Altami Arasty, a representative of Climigato, actively participated in the seminar, both as spokesperson (Presentation: Renewable Energy Investment in Indonesia: Gaps and Bridges) and working group contributor in Environmental Education and Wilderness Experience. The seminar provides good opportunity for Climigato to be part of global community for Climate Protection.


Climate Education - 'No Impact Man'

Written by Saifuddin Suaib on .

Visual communication is a practical and fun tool for young generation to learn new things, concepts and ideas. A local initiative was brought into realization by Hassanudin English Debating Society in April 2015 and took place in American Corner, University of Hassanudin, Makasar city, South Sulawesi province. The initiative was fostered and coordinated by Climigato.

The forum aimed to introduce and raise the awareness about global climate change impact to higher educated youth in Sulawesi. In order to emphasis the message from the movie, the topic was then discussed and set up as the main topic of the debate. Saifudin Suaib was the one in charge of moderating the flow of debate and selecting the right theme of the movie.

Makassar Interpreter Training (MINT) Initiative

Written by Saifuddin Suaib on .

MINT is an initiative funded by Alumni Grant Scheme of Australia-Indonesia Awards. The project mainly aims to enhance the capacity of interpreters in the east part of Indonesia. The training also prepared the participants to understand promising prospects in interpreting business for seminar/workshops/conference in the context of international development projects in east part of Indonesia. Around 17 interpreters across Sulawesi, majority coming from Makassar, attended the training for 5 days from end of March to early April 2015. Saifuddin Suaib, as member of Climigato, took part as an active trainer in this initiative.


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