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Climate Change and Climate Refugee - Knowledge Sharing

Written by Trita Katriana & Saifudin Suaib on .


A Presentation at the UN Agency - International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Jakarta - Indonesia


Trita Katriana and Saifudin Suaib were determined to deliver a mind-changing presentation about climate change and its impact to human migration. They came up with an idea to put climate change issues into different perspective, in this case the impacts of climate change on forced migration. Climate change and Climate Refugee were then delivered at a brown bag session at International Organization for Migration (IOM) office, Jakarta on 14 February 2017, and was attended by 40 IOM Senior and Junior incumbents.

Despite the very special day that Saifudin Suaib (Cipu) had to go through that day - it was the same day that his wife was in labor - congrats for his handsome baby boy Khuram, our colleague Cipu had to deliver the presentation via skype, while Trita was physically present at IOM office. It was really a great honor to share our knowledge with IOM and to bring about climate change issue in a whole new perspective that Climigato never had a chance before. Thanks to IOM for giving us the opportunity. It was a great discussion.



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