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Climate Education - No Impact Man

Climate Education - 'No Impact Man'

Written by Saifuddin Suaib on .

Visual communication is a practical and fun tool for young generation to learn new things, concepts and ideas. A local initiative was brought into realization by Hassanudin English Debating Society in April 2015 and took place in American Corner, University of Hassanudin, Makasar city, South Sulawesi province. The initiative was fostered and coordinated by Climigato.

The forum aimed to introduce and raise the awareness about global climate change impact to higher educated youth in Sulawesi. In order to emphasis the message from the movie, the topic was then discussed and set up as the main topic of the debate. Saifudin Suaib was the one in charge of moderating the flow of debate and selecting the right theme of the movie.


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