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Existing and Promoted Projects

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For information about our existing initiatives and activities, please check our NEWS section.

As a newly established organization, Climigato emphasizes the potential project driven by existing climate action (in RAN-GRK and RAD-GRK) and combines it with a creative and pragmatic twist.

In response to Regional Action Plan for GHG Emission Reduction (RAD-GRK), the growing needs for developing further climate actions in municipal/regency level become essential. Accordingly, technical assistance to develop urban/rural climate action becomes potential opportunity for Climigato project.


Project - Bike Lane 

Aside from conducting technical assessment, several ideas to develop projects are still in the phase of logical framework analysis. As initial targets, Climigato would like to promote projects such as;

  • Residential Bike-lane

  • Street-art Bike lane

  • Ecotourism Bike Plan

  • Ecotourism Backpack Packages

  • Vertical garden

  • Biogas for small industry program

  • Solar panel for household

  • Urban-farming Packages

  • Environmental Education

  • Climate Negotiation

  • CSR concept: Shuttle to Work (Encouraging Office Bus Program)


Why Humans Are So Bad At Thinking About Climate Change

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The Facts of Climate Change and what to do about it

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If you have questions and inquiry, don't hesitate to contact us here: [email protected]